Vol. 1, Issue 19

The Final Innings……………………………………… Match Week 18-19

As we head for the home stretch of Bangalore’s biggest, longest, most inexpensive and best supported youth football league, I wanted to reflect on how we got here, what is the current state of the league and what we can do better for next season.

Most of you know that we started this league with the sole intention of creating a platform for kids to play football. That was it, no hidden agenda or greater ambitions were behind the scenes. In this regard I think we did a pretty good job, more than 600 kids from over 110 schools signed up to play, with some coming from as far away as 250km! All backgrounds and socio-economic groups are represented and for this we say a great big “Thank You, Bangalore” for embracing grassroots football, the “YCL” way.

It is true that when we started, the matches were at first, interesting to say the least, but they got better and better as the players found their groove on the field. The players and the parents drew battle lines, devising strategies to defeat whichever foe was up next. The highlight of the season was definitely our Night Matches, wow that was truly something magical, seeing all three age groups playing together for the first time and that too, under the lights. What an incredible evening that was!

As the summer break ended, there were a number of players who had not returned to their teams. The crowds once boisterous have thinned a bit the voices muted by comparison. Is this a symptom of the summer holidays not yet completed or the representation of something else? For some the fact their team is not able to win the trophy has been expressed, for others the prospect of a losing season is distasteful.

No matter the reason, let us be clear that YCL is here to promote and develop football for all and at virtually no cost to the participants. True, there is a commitment parents must make for the league to be successful, one I hope that from this week onwards we will see reflected in a much higher attendance.

Well here is hoping everyone comes out to support his or her team screaming, cheering and generally having a ball. Teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship are the traits we want children to take away from YCL we hope you agree.

#TheChaseBegins, with only 4 more weeks to go, who will win the coveted silver trophy?


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YCL Season Finale – July 9th is “Night Matches” all ages U8, U10 & U12 one last time

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